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Exploring interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of older people


Lab Director

Professor Alan GowProfessor Alan J. Gow
Department of Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Heriot-Watt University

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Research Team

Research team

PhD Researchers:
Calum Marr

PhD Student (Email)
Commenced 2017 [Principal Supervisor: Professor Alan Gow; Second Supervisor: Dr Michaela Dewar]

Malwina Niechcial (Email)
Graduate Teaching Assistant/PhD Student
Commenced 2021 [Principal Supervisor: Professor Alan Gow; Second Supervisor Dr Lauren Potter; Third Supervisor: Professor Adele Dickson]

Shaimaa Elhag
PhD Student (Email)
Commenced 2021 [Principal Supervisor: Professor Alan Gow; Second Supervisor: Dr Lauren Potter]

Andrew Pearce
PhD Student (Email)
Commenced 2019 [Principal Supervisor: Professor Alan Gow; Second Supervisor: Dr Michaela Dewar]

Ryan Gray
PhD Student (Email)
Commenced 2019 [Principal Supervisor: Professor Alan Gow; Second Supervisor: Dr Michaela Dewar]

Voluntary Research Assistant (VRA) scheme:
Shana Faraghat

If you are interested in opportunities to work in The Ageing Lab, at either PhD or postdoctoral level, contact Professor Alan Gow. The Voluntary Research Assistant (VRA) scheme is managed via the Department of Psychology (full details here).

Research team

Former team members

  • Malwina Niechcial: Research Assistant (2017-19) - Intervention Factory
  • Ryan Gray: Research Assistant (2019) - Cycling Without Age Scotland
  • Anna Sim: Study Administrator (2018-19) - Intervention Factory
  • Dr Ria Vaportzis: Postdoctoral Research Associate (2014-18) - Intervention Factory/Tablet for Healthy Ageing

Affiliated PhD Students

Anna Krzeczkowska (University of Strathclyde) - Commenced 2017
Principal Supervisor: Dr Louise Brown (Strathclyde); Second Supervisor: Dr William McGeown (Strathclyde); Third Supervisor: Professor Alan Gow (Heriot-Watt).

Tharunnia Ganesan - Commenced 2020
Principal Supervisor: Dr Zuhrah Beevi (Heriot-Watt); Second Supervisor: Professor Alan Gow (Heriot-Watt).

Lorraine Douglas (Heriot-Watt University) - Graduated 2017
Principal Supervisor: Dr Lauren Potter (Heriot-Watt); Second Supervisor: Professor Alan Gow (Heriot-Watt).

Amanda Nioi (Heriot-Watt University) - Graduated 2016
Principal Supervisor: Dr Jenny Roe (University of Virginia); Second Supervisor: Professor Alan Gow (Heriot-Watt).


The Intervention Factory, supported by Velux Stiftung, is coordinated by a local Intervention Factory Forum (comprising colleagues from Age Scotland, NHS Lothian, the City of Edinburgh Council, the Scottish Older People’s Assembly and Education Scotland) and an international Advisory Panel (Professor Kaarin Anstey, Australian National University; Professor Ian Deary, University of Edinburgh; Professor Mike Martin and Dr Christina Roecke, University of Zurich; Professor Kaisu Pitkälä, University of Helsinki; and Age UK).

The Senior Visitors project was a collaboration with Professor Anna Leask and Professor Paul Barron at Edinburgh Napier University, funded by Interface.

The Ageing Lab also collaborates with the Lothian Birth Cohort studies at the University of Edinburgh Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology, and the Glostrup 1914 Cohort at the Center for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen.

Previous projects:

Professor Mike Martin (Department of Psychology - Gerontology and Gerontopsychology International Normal Aging and Plasticity Imaging Center, University of Zurich) was Co-Investigator on A Tablet for Healthy Ageing, funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust.