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Missing the outdoors? Try some of these ideas to stay healthy

Making the most of existing technology and gaining new skills during the coronavirus lockdown could help combat social isolation, particularly among older people.

That is according to Professor Alan Gow from Heriot-Watt University’s Department of Psychology, who says the impact of the coronavirus means it's as important as ever to explore positive activities to maintain health.

Professor Gow works at the University’s Ageing Lab in Edinburgh and examines at how lifestyles and behaviour affect our health as we get older.


March 2020

How can we stay sharp? 

In The Ageing Lab, we explore how different kinds of activities might help protect our thinking skills. To find out more, dip into Heriot-Watt's research bites for a taster of how we can stay sharp.

March 2020

Professor Alan Gow’s Inaugural Lecture

Professor Richard A. Williams OBE, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University, invites you to attend the Inaugural Lecture of Professor Alan Gow.

As we get older, we might experience some changes in our thinking and memory skills. There is variation from person to person in the degree of change experienced; some people might experience declines that limit their ability to live independently, while others maintain their thinking skills throughout later life.

Studies of ageing have helped us understand how thinking skills develop and change across the life course and through later life, and importantly, identify the lifestyle and behavioural determinants of those changes. There are important questions about when such lifestyles might be most beneficial, or how other factors such as educational and social background might affect their apparent benefits.

The findings from these large observational studies are being translated into real-world interventions at The Ageing Lab at Heriot-Watt. Find out more at Professor Alan Gow's Inaugural Lecture. Register for a free ticket here.

More information on the Inaugural Lecture Series.

February 2020

How to exercise to boost your brain

The Times: How to exercise to boost your brain

January 2020

Driving global impact

Ella Rhodes reports on the Nature Research Awards.

The winner and runners-up of the first Nature Research Awards for Driving Global Impact have been announced. The awards, for early-career researchers, aim to celebrate those whose work has made, or has the potential to make, a positive impact on society and this year focused on brain science.


January 2020

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